Pia's Majolica means love for art and ceramics. Pia Formato, after graduating in fine arts, following the teachings of Maestro Romano Ranieri learned and mastered secrets, mysteries and techniques of Deruta's Majolica.

The unique and peculiar artistic work that comes from our workshop stands out for the choice of novel forms and decorations, innovative colors and designs, which tend to enhance tradition, rather than abandon it. Pia's works are completely original and inimitable: their uniqueness is obtained through the shine of the colors and the production process: the items are hand-made and hand-painted.

You have the chance to personalize every single item, and have it delivered to any corner of the world thanks to our professional shipping services.
Whether you are looking for fine ceramics for your home, or artistic ceramic replicas of historical pieces, Pia's light and skillful hand has got what suits best to you!